Wilde Shamrock Touring Theatre

The Wilde Shamrock Touring Theatre at our school again

On Tuesday, 14th March 2023 we watched the Wilde Shamrock touring theatre and I have to say, it was a great time. The show was really funny, and what I loved most was how they interacted with the viewers. The three actors even brought a few people on stage and made them take part in the show, which was really cool.

The actors were all amazing and had great chemistry together. It seemed like they had a party up on the stage, because they sometimes shouted at each other and had a great time. I found myself laughing and clapping along with everyone else.

Overall, I had a great time at the Wilde Shamrock touring theatre. It was a funny and entertaining show that I would recommend to anyone who can speak a little bit of English and wants to be entertained for one and a half hours.

T. Steinmetz, Q11


Wilde Shamrock  Touring Theatre: Classics through the Ages

When the Wilde Shamrock Touring Theatre came to our school on Tuesday, 14th March, two men and one woman performed “Classics through the Ages” for the Q11.

In the beginning the actors started discussing what they would like to present to us. As soon as they decided on the topic, they started with two fairy tales. They retold Snow White and the Three Little Pigs. After that they chose Harry Potter, in which they also included some people of the audience to help them tell the story. In the end the actors summed up Romeo and Juliet, so it could be presented in only five minutes. But it was not just about acting. They also included a lot of singing, in which the audience could take part.

Talking about the actors I personally would describe all of them as sympathetic and funny. They all seemed to love their jobs because they really put everything into their roles so it was great to watch. At first when I heard about the performance coming at our school again, I had mixed feelings. I knew that the last time they came here in like seventh grade I really enjoyed how they performed. But now I was not sure if it convinced me again because I grew up and I remembered it to be very playful. But soon as it started I liked the way they performed. I really enjoyed their acting but also the fact that they included the audience into their stories which made it more inclusive. So in my opinion it was great to watch and I would like to watch them again.

L. Heim, Q11


Schülerfeedback Wilde Shamrock Theatre
Schülerfeedback Wilde Shamrock Theatre

Weitere Stimmen aus der 6d:

 It was really funny and the comedians were friendly.

It was cool and funny, but it was a bit loud :-)

It was funny but sometimes I didn't understand anything and sometimes it was boring. The dance was nice!

It was funny but sometimes it was boring and cringe. 

The music was cool.

- It was really nice and funny.